Myk Jung "Zenith Is Decline" [The Nine Lost Ballads]

back then I couldn't appreciate the moment
that ever after was haunting all my dreams
for indeed I wasn't able to perceive the moment
as being the one trice that later-on should rule my whole being
when she stood there I couldn't grab the glory of the moment
my utter downfall lied in the shine of her cold eyes
and that aching joy that made me feel broken
spoke of pain amidst every bliss
and I failed as every human in the history of mankind before who ever tried it
to make the moment last
and my joyful pain the bane she had spoken
would seem then like a splinter of god
and the rain that fell down like chains yet unbroken
set in bondage my tired aching mind
this scene remains to torture me it remains to torture the whole
of what I ever was and ever will be
and it gives me sweetest delight

deep in the zone the name of which is brittle bridge to naught and all
where every sun that ever blazed with heat and shine 'd grown cold
under the dome of silent awe majestic hall just filled with void
I crawl alone I crouch in doubt
under the dome of frown and mourning
while every night would seem to last a century
I waited patiently a silent century
the suns would rise bringing no end to the night
under the throne where seated upon fleeting hope the nameless broods
the crown of thorn was set upon my head by self-denial
under a dawn that fails its promise to enlighten sky and soul
I grew so torn so tired and worn
while every night would seem to last a century
I waited silently a gloomy century
I grew so weary in ten thousand centuries
I prayed in vain for relief from doubt's dark reign
for the breakthrough to the realm of fearless joy

wailing sirens of doom
with ancient tongue they praise the sunless shore
beyond the grey haze
lay-veiled desert islands
in bloom
too far off to reach remote yet close
praise tayna hhmm
carved in sand the name of endless want
divine cruel yearning
gracefulness so violent
I swoon
the island of light remote yet far
on the confines
of the waking world temptations cry for our doom
sirens of doom cry lays of doom
yet those sirens wail with anger magic wasted
light sighs prevail tayn sighs prevail

serenade of the long sought question that all answers must fail
the august moon has gone
long decades filled with anxious craving - will forever they last?
the ancient moon has failed us soon we wait so long
words of ceremonious love made us cry
the scent of need in our aching yearning - will it be something to last?
the rising of the quailing moon the trace lost in the haze
our hope left us soon
memories of our nameless pleasures
for our torment arise we can't shake off our dreams
memories of mirth long since vanished
cast us into a state of utter love we're swirling shards in naked light
the search for merry soreless love made love die
the endless greed in our aching yearning we fear will turn out to last
the rising of the quailing moon the fate lost in the maze
our hope died so soon
the rising of the pale red moon the light beyond our reach
dead flowers on our tomb

you were caught up in a dream of sway
far the fear of getting cast away
a vision so smooth yet it did not come true
now you plead with life for just small boons
o wondrous you
once you thought you were the chosen one
now you’re fighting just to get along
one day you’ll recover the faith that you lost
for your loss made you lose your vanity
o wondrous you
bleach are your sorrows
your sorrows embrace all of tomorrow and all of today
you said farewell to the deepest of your dreams
please leave your sorrows forever behind
come back to your heart the midst of your mind
and try to soar and to fly away

there is nothing to everything there is nothing to anything
there is nothing there's naught there is something we try to cling to
there is something we hide behind a wee vain thing named love
yet everything won't find its reason why
all days of bliss grow dim and fade
we might reach aims yet go astray and in the end we'll fall
and nothing ever can't be not denied
and struggling on and on we search to find just one
what will be is hope in the end there's hope
beyond all lies hope utterlast be hope
there is nothing to every joy there is nothing to every toil
and even pain won't last
under the unveiled sun we laid
midwinter moonlight cast your shade upon the snow I cried
your beauty seemed beyond enduring then
I prayed for time to halt yet gone beyond recall you are
what will be is hope in the end there's hope
beyond all lies hope and the last is hope
what will be is hope utterlast be hope

then fell grey autumn
upon those who faltered who knew not they faltered
thus withered the seed of spring
long since forgotten
our flight to the border beyond schemes of order
we heeded no fears in spring
despising the warning yells within
forever it seems to float away
it floats away the time we prayed so hard to stay
our dawn was brief and dim
treats long forgotten
echoes of laughter we were like besotted
with ourselves so creamed with sin no use now in reasoning
the seasons went by and we just turned out the light
forever it's deemed to float away it floats away
the mirth we prayed for not to fade
and ever we wail laments of our faint
we float away like sighs that fly into the grey
and then quite absurd would seem
our dream of life maintained

things to be are veiled before our eyes
love will be forever unforeseen
dream the dreams and dreams will be shattered
love and dreams are so close in bond with you
life is sown by love
marching through with joys and hurts
it's so weird you say you love
but sometimes the chest may hurt to see you
things will be in time then flee
and love is no trophy nor easy to heave
and time is fragile we're short of its glee
our trophies are heavy with teardrops
all our joys and our hurts amounting terrifically
is it no curse that we are power flowers
all joys and all hurts are flourishing blossoms
it is no curse that we can share our love in dreams

and all will pass
like all has passed
all forgotten lost love once was alive
they once were young
those that have gone
though being plain it’s incomprehensibly strange
we walk alone in endless row
ever forward never bound to retreat
we walk alone in single file
through the flood of days and years and decades
so brief the time so brief the love
we must fade into the grey that we fear
and all the strain and efforts vain
with helpless hands we’re grasping to hug the void
every scream we scream is silence
everything we hold is naught
sighs of pleasure cries so firing
nothing breaks the wheel of time
how can what seems real yet silent
be only the toy of time